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Latirhinus, new hadrosaurid from Campanian (Cretaceous) of Mexico

From: Ben Creisler

A new taxon in the new issue of Historical Biology:

Albert Prieto-Márquez & Claudia Inés Serrano Brañas (2012)
Latirhinus uitstlani, a ‘broad-nosed’ saurolophine hadrosaurid
(Dinosauria, Ornithopoda) from the late Campanian (Cretaceous) of
northern Mexico.
Historical Biology 24(6): 607-619

We describe a new genus and species of hadrosaurid dinosaur,
Latirhinus uitstlani, from upper Campanian strata of the Cerro del
Pueblo Formation in northern Mexico. The new taxon differs from other
hadrosaurids, except Gryposaurus, in possessing a deep and arcuate
dorsal process of the nasal; it differs from Gryposaurus, as well as
from all other saurolophines, in having a broader narial foramen, and
an anterodorsally curved deltoid crest of the scapula (convergent with
Lambeosaurinae within the context of Hadrosauridae). L. uitstlani
appears to be allied to ‘kritosaurs’, particularly to species of
Gryposaurus, and it represents one of the southernmost saurolophines
of North America. Likewise, L. uitstlani adds to the diversity of
saurolophines in the southern Western Interior Basin and its
occurrence in northern Mexico is consistent with the apparent
predominance of ‘kritosaurs’ in southern Laramidia during late
Campanian times.