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Re: Pegomastax, new heterodontosaurid from South Africa in new Sereno monograph (free pdf!)

<(NOTE: One glitch in the  name : mastax "jaw" is feminine in Greek so
> the name should be Pegomastax africana to follow the letter of the
> rules.)>
> Theretically, yes; technically, no. And under the current rules of
> the ICZN (4th Edition), should one follow them, it is no longer
> necessary, or even mandatory, to alter the gender of an epithet to
> agree with the genus' epithet.

Well, if you want to get really technical, there's no need (or way) to _alter_ the gender because it _already_ agrees. The way I read the rules (yes, 4th edition), the correct name is *Pegomastax africana* Sereno, 2012, and no nomenclatural act is required to make it so, because it already is.

"31.2. Agreement in gender. A species-group name, if it is or ends in a Latin or latinized adjective or participle in the nominative singular, must agree in gender with the generic name with which it is at any time combined."

I don't see any wiggle room in "must" or "at any time".