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Re: Avian phylogeny inferred from ultraconserved elements (free pdf)

> >> BTW, does anyone know what's so equal about
> Aequornithes?
> >
> > "from Lat. aequor, expanse of water"
> Does that mean it "should" be "Aequorornithes"? :D
> (Or perhaps "Aequoraves", since it's Latin....)

Aequivocal ;-) It's a standard Latin-style contraction. But deriving "Aequ-"  
from aequus would yield the same.

The ways to resolve this conflict would probably be "Aequornithes" vs 
"Aequorornithes", or "Aequiornithes" vs "Aequornithes", or "Aequiornithes" vs