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SVP Auction Items

Greetings from Illinois!

This year's 30th Anniversary Auction should be great fun and I encourage
everyone to attend.
The following are some of the  "big ticket" donations of casts that we
know of:

1)      Mounted cast of "Jane's" skull (Juvenile Tyrannosaurus
rex)/BMRP2002.4.1 - approximately 30"L X 14" W X 17" - approximate
value: $4000. Donated by RCI.

2)      Cast of a Thescelosaurus skull/North Carolina State Specimen -
8"L X 4" W X 3" - Donated by RCI.

3)      Cast of a Megalocephalosaurus (Brachauchenius) Pliosaur skull -
63"L X 22"W X 24" approximate value: $6500. Donated by Triebold

In addition, please bring items of your own and help support the SVP
Education and Research Fund.
See you in North Carolina.

Scott Williams
Burpee Museum 
Co-Chair, SVP Auction Committee