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Embargoed Canadian dinosaur

From: Ben Creisler

Yesterday I posted notice of a new paper in the Canadian Journal of
Earth Sciences that appeared in the e-first articles. Shortly after I
posted information about the paper, which had a new taxon, and the
link to the pdf to the DML, the article was taken off the website. I
have received a request from the publisher to "remove" my blog post. I
don't believe this is possible since the DML postings are archived on
a number of sites. The paper was supposed to be embargoed until
November 8 as it turns out and was published online by mistake,
although it looked legitimate and some people were able to download
the article before it was taken down.

To respect the wishes of the authors and the publisher, people should
hold off discussing or posting information about the new dinosaur
until the official publication in November.

Since a number of journals such as Acta Palaeontologica Polonica,
Cretaceous Research, Naturwissenschaften, etc., routinely publish
articles with new taxa in advance of the official print publication,
meaning that the taxa are not valid yet, I don't see a huge problem.