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Cretaceous tetrapod fauna from Marília Formation in Brazil (free pdf)

From: Ben Creisler

This is a new paper I somehow missed (the issue is dated July but have
been published later). The pdf is free.

Carlos Roberto A. Candeiro & Jerald D. Harris (2012)
The tetrapod fauna of the Marília Formation (Bauru Group) at Peirópolis
(Minas Gerais, Brazil): correlation with other Late Cretaceous
Patagonian faunas.
Revue de Paléobiologie 31 (1): 71-84

The sandstones and lacustrine limestones of the Marília Formation, the
uppermost unit of the Bauru Group, outcropping in central Brazil, have
provided one of the most complete records of a Late Cretaceous
Brazilian fauna. However, the age of this formation is still a matter
of debate. Comparison of the Marília Formation with tetrapod bearing
units from Argentina provides a framework in which to make faunal
comparisons and thus age proposals. The comparison highlights the
shared presence of the eutitanosaur Aeolosaurus and the
mesoeucrocodylian Peirosaurus. The body of evidence suggests that the
faunal assemblage is comparable to the Coloradoan and Allenian
Patagonian assemblages, supporting an age no older than Santonian and
no younger than Maastrichtian.