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Paper request - Dinosaur tracks

Dear colleagues, 

I am looking for the following papers and I would be very grateful if any of 
you have a pdf copy to send me.

Thanks in advance.

Bernat Vila

Ghevariya Z G & Srikarni C. 1990. Dinosaur foot tracks from
Cretaceous rocks of Kachchh Gujarat, India. In: Sahni A &
Jolly A eds. Cretaceous event stratigraphy and the correlation of
the nonmarine stratagems, Seminar cum workshop contribution
vols. IGCP 216 and 245. Chandigarh: Panjab University. 94-98

Wolberg, D.L., Hall, J.P. and Bellis, D., 1988, First record of dinosaur 
from the Fruitland Forma tion, San Juan Basin, San Juan County,
New Mexico: New Mexico Bureau of Mines and Mineral Resources,
Bulletin 122, p. 33-34.

Yu X Q, Kobayashi Y & Lü J C. 1999. The preliminary study of
the dinosaur footprints from Huangshan, Anhui Province.
Vertebrata PalAsiatica, 37: 285-290

Smith S D. 2002. Theropod trackway found north of Glenrock,
Wyoming. In: Brown D E ed. Tate 2002: The Mesozoic in
Wyoming. Casper: Casper College. 114-119

Rivera-Sylva H E, Rodríguez-de la Rosa R & Ortiz-Mendieta J A.
2006. A review of the dinosaurian record from Mexico. In:
Vega F J, Nyborg T G, del Carmen Perrilliat M, Montellano-
Ballesteros M, Cevallos-Ferriz S R S & Quiroz-Barroso
S A eds. Studies on Mexican paleontology. Dordrecht: Springer
Verlag. 233-248