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Re: Ornithomimus had feathers and "display" winglike forelimbs

But ornithomimids did not have folding arms so they were not critical for 
protecting such irregular feathers. Folding arms are more selective for 
protecting finely defined wing airfoils. 

And it is not known whether theropods as basal as or more basal than 
ornithomimids brooded their eggs. 


In a message dated 10/26/12 12:09:41 AM, tijawi@gmail.com writes:

<< The presence of long forelimb feathers might also explain the

appearance of the semilunate carpal wrist (which appears to have

evolved *after* ornithomimosaurs): It was simply to help fold the

forelimbs, and get the pennibrachia out of the way when they weren't

in active use.  No need for a flight-related explanation, or a

predation-related one. >>