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Re: Sauroniops, new thick-skulled carcharodontosaurid theropod from Upper Cretaceous of Morocco

Michael Lange <Michael.Lange@gmx.ch> wrote:

> Is this the same frontal published a few month ago by the same authors in 
> this paper: http://www.app.pan.pl/archive/published/app57/app20110043.pdf ?
> If so they rapidly changed their mind since they stated not to name a new 
> taxon based upon the since frontal in the APP paper.

Speaking of the Eye of Sauron... why is there an "i" in _Sauroniops_?
The name should surely be _Sauronops_.

P.S. On a zoological nomenclature trivia note: _Sauron_ has already
been used as a name, for a genus of spider.  The arachnid genus
_Sauron_ was named by a Russian scientist (Kirill Eskov), who is more
famous for writing an alternative version of _The Lord of the Rings_,
from the point of view of Sauron's forces.