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Evolution of Brasilodontidae (Cynodontia-Eucynodontia) from Triassic

From: Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

José F. Bonaparte (2012)
Evolution of the Brasilodontidae (Cynodontia-Eucynodontia).
Historical Biology (advance online publication)

The genera of the Brasilodontidae, Protheriodon, Brasilodon,
Brasilitherium, Minicynodon and the Indian Panchetocynodon, are
briefly summarised and the more significant evolutionary information
from them is discussed. Brasilodon and Brasilitherium are possibly
related to the origin of Kuehneotheridae and Morganucodontidae,
respectively. A systematic rearrangement is proposed for the
monophyletic Epicynodontia integrated by the subclades Brasilodontia,
Gomphodontia and Galesauria. It is considered that Brasilodontia
(Brasilodontidae and Tritheledontidae) have strong differences with
the remaining cynodonts and are connected with the origin of mammals.
It is recognised that Galesauridae, Thrinaxodontidae and
Probainognathidae are only distantly related to the origin of mammals.
Within the Brasilodontidae were not found any dental or mandibular
character shared with the Haramiyavidae.