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RE: Sinocalliopteryx (Theropoda: Compsognathidae) ate confuciusornithids and dromaeosaurids

I completely agree that it is important to explore that possibility.

AFAIK no one has refuted the work  that you mention. However previous work came 
to the opposite conclusions, and one paper does not erase all the previous 

personally I am looking forward to a future filled with revised work from 
everyone in the field on these subjects, along with progress in the methods. 
 Tim Williams [tijawi@gmail.com] wrote:

 However, AFAIK the work showing that _Archaeopteryx_ and
_Confuciusornis_ could *not* raise the humerus any higher than their
back has yet to be directly refuted in the literature.  So until that
day comes, I think it's worth exploring the possibility that basal
avialans were *not* capable of flapping flight, and were gliders.  It
might actually be correct.  Nothing would surprise me.