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Dinosaur-related news stories

From: Ben Creisler

Here are a few recent and not so recent news stories about
dinosaur-related stuff:

Nova Scotia Bay of Fundy dinosaur dig
The news article from some time back does not go into much detail
about the dinosaur bonebed, which may have been created when an
earthquake and landslide buried a group of prosauropods. More details
are at the website link in the article.




New York Times blog about Triassic excavations in Utah


In French

Government of Madagascar seizes dinosaur fossils from Stony Brook researchers
It appears that there was a permit problem (or misunderstanding) and
the ministry of culture branch of the government of  Madagascar seized
dinosaur fossils (apparently of a sauropod) about to be taken to the
capital on a truck. The US researchers from Stony Brook claimed they
had a permit from the government ministry of  mines to excavate and
export the fossils for preparation and study. The news story says that
the US researchers were allowed to return home and talks to resolve
the issue are underway. Madagascar apparently does not have the
facilities to prepare and conserve such giant fossil bones. Some other
African news sources put out versions of the story that stated the
researchers were arrested.


Atsinganosaurus site excavation completed. The skeleton is 70 percent
complete, but no skull was found. The undisclosed site also has
ankylosaur and crocodile remains. This news story has been widely
reported in Europe as if the titanosaur find was new, although
Atsinganosaurus was named and described back in 2010.

with video:


2010 paper with abstract:


Blog with photos about the intact 3-D ichthyosaur remains found inside
a nodule in France (I cited a couple of news stories about this find a
few weeks back on the DML):



In Spanish

Model of Gideonmantellia on display. Click photo to expand.