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Neonatal ornithopod (Talenkauen?) from Gondwana

From: Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

Victoria M. Egerton, Fernando E. Novas, Peter Dodson & Kenneth Lacovara (2012)
The first record of a neonatal ornithopod dinosaur from Gondwana.
Gondwana Research (advance online publication)

Discrete post-embryonic teeth and bone fragments have been recovered
from the matrix with the holotype skeleton (MPM–10001) of the
ornithopod dinosaur, Talenkauen santacrucensis Novas et al., 2004
(Upper Cretaceous, Argentina). The minute tooth crowns are 1 mm
apicobasally tall and 1.7 mm mesodistally wide. The crowns are
symmetrical and have a centrally located primary ridge on the lingual
surface. Secondary ridges lead to five marginal denticles on both
teeth. The tooth morphology is consistent with dentary teeth in
euiguanodontids. There is no evidence of transport, suggesting that
the material is autochthonous with respect to the adult body block of
T. santacrucensis (MPM–10001). Steeply inclined wear facets on the
lingual surface and associated microstriae support the conclusion that
the minute teeth were from a post-embryonic euiguanodontid dinosaur
rather than early stage replacement teeth. The morphology, size, and
wear of the teeth and small bone fragments found in the body block of
MPM–10001 suggest that this material belongs to a neonatal Talenkauen
santacrucensis. This is the first record of neonatal ornithopod
remains from Gondwana.