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"Pelycosaur" skin impression from Poland

From: Ben Creisler

A new non-Mesozoic paper that might be of interest. What kind of skin
basal synapsids had (dry and scaly or glandular ) has been something
of a mystery.

Grzegorz Niedziedzkiab & Maciej Bojanowskic (2012)
A Supposed Eupelycosaur Body Impression from the Early Permian of the
Intra-Sudetic Basin, Poland.
Ichnos 19(3):150-155

We describe a new specimen of a supposed Paleozoic tetrapod body
impression from the Lower Permian Slupiec Formation in the
Intra-Sudetic Basin, Poland. The size, integument morphology of belly
and part of tail imprints, and the morphology of a well-preserved pes
track diagnose the specimen and readily distinguish it from other
described specimens of body impressions of Paleozoic tetrapods. The
eupelycosaur identity of this new specimen is based on the
identification of the footprint Dimetropus leisnerianus (Geinitz,
1863), which is connected with the inferred body imprint. The
morphology of integument impressions indicates the presence of the
various-sized square or rectangular-shaped scales on the bottom part
of the belly and tail of this eupelycosaurid trackmaker.