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Dimetrodon palate and braincase morphology

From: Ben Creisler

A new non-archosaur paper that may be of interest:

Kirstin S. Brink & Robert R. Reisz (2012)
Morphology of the palate and braincase of Dimetrodon milleri.
Historical Biology 24(5): 453-459

The palate and partial braincase of the holotype of Dimetrodon milleri
(MCZ 1365) are preserved in three dimensions, but have yet to be
described in detail. Here, we describe these structures for the first
time for this species, and compare them with the better-known
specimens of D. limbatus. Interesting characteristics of the
morphology include the patterns of articulation of the palatal
elements, including the palatine and vomer, and anatomy of the
pterygoid in the posterior region of the palatal vacuities. Dimetrodon
milleri is found to differ from D. limbatus in the lack of teeth on
the ectopterygoid, the shape of the basal process of the epipterygoid,
and the anterior extent of the palatine and pterygoid. The two species
are similar in the relative position of the basicranial articulation,
but differ significantly from that in other sphenacodontids, including
Secodontosaurus and Sphenacodon. The evolution of these cranial
features will be the subject of future phylogenetic analyses of