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Albian dinosaur bonebed found in Spain (free pdf)

From: Ben Creisler

A new online paper with free pdf:

Luis Alcalá, Eduardo Espílez, Luis Mampel, James I. Kirkland, Manuel
Ortiga, Diego Rubio, Ana González, Daniel Ayala, Alberto Cobos and
Rafael Royo-Torres, et al.(2012)
A New Lower Cretaceous Vertebrate Bonebed Near Ariño (Teruel, Aragón,
Spain); Found and Managed in a Joint Collaboration Between a Mining
Company and a Palaeontological Park.
Geoheritage (advance online publication)
2012, DOI: 10.1007/s12371-012-0068-y

Systematic prospecting in the Oliete Geological Sub-basin (Aragonese
Branch of the Iberian Range), specifically at an open-pit mine in the
Escucha Formation (Lower Cretaceous) in Ariño (Teruel, Spain), has
revealed a fossiliferous layer with abundant vertebrate and other
early Albian fossils. The fossiliferous stratigraphic level coincides
with the floor of the mining operations, i.e. the bonebed is just
below the lowest layer of coal mined for industrial purposes. Coal
mining in this area of Teruel province has occurred for over a century
and intense mining activity is at the present time a major economic
force in the region. The new discoveries at this Mesozoic vertebrate
locality presented in this paper document the most important Albian
dinosaur site identified in Europe. This important discovery is a
direct result of mining activity, without which these important data
would have remained buried hundreds of metres underground. These
discoveries below the coal seams at Ariño fill out the Lower
Cretaceous terrestrial record of Europe and expand upon the
palaeogeographic context by which Europe may be compared against
correlative dinosaur faunas in North America, Asia and North Africa.