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Polonoceratops annae

Hello all,

new Ceratops from Poland

Polonoceratops annae (Dinosauria: Ceratopsia) ? the first ceratopsian dinosaur from Poland

Tomasz Singer, Marcin Szermañski, Peter Dodson

ABSTRACT. In 2012, a new basal neoceratopsian was discovered in the Godula Beds (Albian to Cenoman) in South Poland. It represents the first Polish ceratopsian dinosaur and is assigned to Polonoceratops annae gen. et sp. nov. Autapomorphies of Polonoceratops annae includes e.g. development conical nasal horn. A phylogenetic analysis indicates that Polonoceratops is one of the most basal neoceratopsian which is sister taxon for Yamaceratops from Mongolia.



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