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Achillobator cervical and dorsal vertebrae

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone out there had any images of the vertebrae of
*Achillobator giganticus* better than those presented in Perle et al.
1999? I am currently studying some theropod vertebrae which seem to
represent a large dromaeosaur, and would thus like to be able to
compare these with *Achillobator*.



Perle, A., Norell, M.A., Clark, J.M., 1999. A new maniraptoran
theropod - *Achillobator giganticus* (Dromaeosauridae) - from the
Upper Cretaceous of Burkhant, Mongolia. Contributions of the
Mongolian-American Museum Paleontological Project 101, 1-105.

Dr. Stephen Poropat

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Uppsala University
Villavägen 16
SE-752 36 Uppsala

Research Associate
Australian Age of Dinosaurs
PO Box 408
Winton 4735