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Re: Volcanism, impacts and mass extinctions conference in London

I think everyone would probably  agree that it is wholly plausible
> that the Deccan Traps may have been causing global climate change
> that stressed the biota, and that the Chicxulub impact therefore was
> able to wipe out weakened groups, like non-avian dinosaurs, where
> other impacts did not. I certainly could accept that. The latest
> Maastrichtian does show maybe 2 or 3 degrees of ocean warming, and
> the Danian has an unstable, fluctuating, climate.

100,000 years before the end of the Maastrichtian, the warming ended, and so did the main phase of Deccan eruptions.

The Volcanic faction has very  good points to make, and everyone
> should read them. In earth history, flood basalts always correlate
> with mass extinctions and impacts really don't (or, at least, it is
> almost never possible to prove they did). But in Biology every rule
> has exceptions.

I'd rather say each mass extinction needs to be considered in isolation. The timing of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province is apparently perfect for the Triassic-Jurassic boundary mass extinction...