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Re: K-Pg extinction global firestorms

Moreover, if there were no  refugia I don't think we would have seen
> the forests of New Zealand come back so completely -- all the
> species of podocarps and all angiosperms except two species that
> went extinct. If it was a fire, buried tree seeds should have
> sprouted the next year and we'd see no fern spike. The recovery took
> thousands of years, like trees spreading from isolated refuges and
> recolonizing continents in a pioneer succession.

Good points. But could things like acid rain interfere?

Remarkably they report a Danian  rebound of Mesozoic,
> Cheirolepidiaceous, pollen Classopolis. The authors suggest that this
> Mesozoic survivor may have been the dominant pioneer plant in the
> disturbed habitat.

GAH! I feel so cheated by the fact that the last cheirolepidiaceans then died out anyway!

> We know that there is less ejecta found the further we get from
> Chicxulub, so it follows that sites very distant would have had lower
> heat fluxes. Birds that persisted there (in Gondwana) could have
> recolonized the planet. Indeed, that is where ratites are still
> confined today.

What do you think of *Palaeotis*, *Remiornis*, *Eleutherornis*, and of course the lithornithids?