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Re: Marsh-Cope rivalry to be movie comedy and other news stories

Brian Switek wrote:

Are we really so stuffy that we can't abide a comedic treatment of a
classic paleo story? There's already a mess of books, documentaries,
and other representations of Bone Wars history. We really don't need
another by-the-books dramatization.

As long as there is some *real story* left after the comic treatment. I know only a little of the Marsh-Cope story but everything I've heard up till now suggests a cautionary tale of ambition, struggle, and personal defeat against a backdrop of awe-inspiring Nature. That's why I thought a *musical* -- a stage show that could thrive on all that plus incorporate some light-hearted Victorian humor, would be the way to go. Note from that last article that they haven't picked a WRITER yet. Sounds like they may have put their theatrical cart before their inspirational horse.

-- Donna Braginetz