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Re: Marsh-Cope rivalry to be movie comedy and other news stories

Well this might not be so bad if John Stewart was involved, but Steve Carell????? Maybe "insipid comedy" is a better description than "inspirational comedy." Inspirational of exactly what?

You don't have to bill yourself as a 100% accurate account to be believed by the audience to be 100% accurate account. Take ancient aliens, hunting bigfoot, etc. as examples. Why not make a comedy about Percival Lowell's identification of the water canal system on Mars, the claims in the 1980s that all the specimens of Archeopteryx were fakes, or Gupta's decades of massive fraudulent paleontological and geological research in the Himalayas that dragged in other paleontologists from around the world? Or even better, Archaeoraptor?


On 4/6/2013 6:58 PM, Brian Switek wrote:
Are we really so stuffy that we can't abide a comedic treatment of a
classic paleo story? There's already a mess of books, documentaries,
and other representations of Bone Wars history. We really don't need
another by-the-books dramatization.

I think a comedic take could be quite fun to see, and maybe interest a
broader audience in what the real story was. It's not like the movie
is billing itself as a 100% accurate account and making Cope and Marsh
out to be buffoons. If it's billing itself as a comedy from the
get-go, why not have a bit of fun with a rather worn historical

- Brian

On Sat, Apr 6, 2013 at 4:55 PM, Jane P Davidson <jdhexen@unr.edu> wrote:
I think I have one word for this.   A four letter word,,,  no   that that 
one....    maybe  GACK
I suppose if we can have feuding paleontologists "bone wars" games,  we could 
have a comedy.  I really don't think those men would have seen anything comedic in their 
feud.  Now maybe they said some really nasty things behind the scenes about one another 
and some of those were funny.   I don't know of any funny ones however.

As the little crab says  "onward and sideways."        Jane Davidson
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Be careful what you wish for.

Maybe next a comedy about the Watson-Crick-Franklin controversy about
the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA?


On 4/6/2013 12:07 PM, quailspg@frii.com wrote:
Marsh-Cope rivalry to be HBO movie comedy

My mind is totally blown. I always thought it would make a wonderful
musical but I NEVER imagined a comedy.  :-O

-- Donna Braginetz

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