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Re: Non-dino papers: Taeniodont origins and python venom glands

Our studies suggest that  taeniodonts arose from Cimolestes through
> Alveugena,

But how is that possible when the taeniodont *Schowalteria* (K) is older than *Alveugena* (Pg) and as old, or nearly so, as the oldest *Cimolestes* species?

...I'm not trying to hide, though, how happy I am that the question of taeniodont relationships is investigated at all! :-) I don't think taeniodonts have ever been in the same matrix as anything else other than *C.*, *A.* and *P.* before.

While it has been established that all toxicoferan squamates share a
common venomous ancestor,

Now I'm imagining what it must look like when Jacques Gauthier gets really angry. :-}