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Re: Marsh-Cope rivalry to be movie comedy and other news stories

David Marjanovic wrote:

That may well happen; but it's not like no really comedic episodes
happened in their lives.


"he slyly opened the lower-right-hand drawer of his study table
and said to me: 'Osborn, here is my accumulated store of Marshiana. In
these papers I have a full record of Marsh's errors from the very
beginning, which at some future time I may be tempted to publish.'"
Another time, one of Cope's scientific names [*Anisonchus cophater*, a
Miocene mammal] puzzled Osborn. [snip]
He remarked: 'Osborn, it's no use looking up the Greek
derivation of _cophater_, because it is not classic in origin. It is
derived from the [impeccably Greek-style] union of two English words,
Cope and hater, for I have named it in honor of the number of
Cope-haters that surround me.'"

That stuff tickles *me*, but I can't picture a movie audience giving it a thumbs up. Even putting the head on the wrong end of Elasmosaurus isn't really a knee-slapper. Actual Victorian wit is probably too erudite and subtle for 21st century light entertainment so I can only imagine that the dialog and action would have to be considerably dumbed down and then re-invigorated with pop culture anachronisms.

ALTHOUGH... it's for HBO, right? So it wouldn't have a theatrical release, correct? Hmmmm... I dunno... I still can't see it.

I just hope they aren't thinking that blowing up a rival's dig site equals hilarious hijinks.

-- Donna Braginetz