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Re: Marsh-Cope rivalry to be movie comedy and other news stories

David Marjanovic wrote:

Really, is there anything that's not funny about "Osborn, here is my
accumulated store of Marshiana. In these papers I have a full record
of Marsh's errors from the very beginning, which at some future time I may be tempted to publish"? If you're not actually _in_ the plot, this
kind of obsession is so bizarre I can only giggle.

Hey, *many's* the time I wished I'd had a drawer full of Marshiana (or whatever).

Comparisons of Drs. Marsh and Cooper, however, are a bit problematic
because the latter is such an unrealistic cluster of personality

Well... *yes*. And if Hollywood or Broadway or whatnot decides to do a comedy treatment of Victorian scientists, the urge to bend characters in whichever direction gets a laugh will be irresistible.

the cold-blooded murder of an  entire lineage of nobles one-by-one

"And now, at last, I -- shall be king -- of E--"

Now, *that's* funny!  :-)

-- Donna Braginetz