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Re: Marsh-Cope rivalry to be movie comedy and other news stories

Ben Creisler wrote:

It appears it may be difficult to come up with a sustained comic take
on the Marsh and Cope rivalry.

Well... for an *adult* audience, anyway. Plus, looking back at this, some of the humor was unintended.

For a sort of comic take on paleontology in 19th century, this old
episode of the Rin Tin Tin TV show "Rinty Finds a Bone" comes to mind.
I remember watching this as a kid. In this case, though, the two
paleontologists are brothers (not rivals) and evidently come from
Germany or some German-speaking region of Europe. Apologies to DML
members in Germany and Austria for the stereotype.


Fascinating on so many levels! This was an episode from 1956. I'm pretty sure "Rin Tin Tin" was a Saturday morning kids' TV staple for several years after its 1954-1959 initial run -- still, it's been [*ahem*] a few decades since I've seen Rinty in action.

I think we should appropriate the phrase "Rin Tin Tin Expedition," which was coined in the episode, and re-apply it to any research which begins in earnest but ends with preposterous results.

-- Donna Braginetz