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Re: Marsh-Cope rivalry to be movie comedy and other news stories

Could Owen do a "funny walk"?

On 4/8/13 7:33 AM, "john-schneiderman@cox.net" <john-schneiderman@cox.net>

> Okay...how about this...since dinosaurs were first discovered in England, and
> given their name by Sir Richard Owen in England, it only seems politically
> correct to allow the playwrights of England to come up with a "comedy" for the
> Marsh-Cope rivalry and the "bone wars that blossomed from said rivalry".
> So, here is my thought...dig up the Monty Python troupe and let them have a
> stab at it. Then release the movie via BBC. Hey...didn't BBC release 'Walking
> with Dinosaurs"....now that's "comedy"