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Paul Pen ..
Reptiles rarely move until you're too damn close to them. Birds are different. 
They will
track you down and they've got the stamina to pull you down. Climbing trees 
When I lived on the farm as a child .. I used to come across scenes where 1/2 
dozen chickens
would tear apart some poor salamander that grabbed their attention. Then one 
day .. my 
grandparents invested in some 60 turkeys. I found them fascinating. My 
grandparents however
knew better and warned me of just how dangerous they were. I couldn't believe 
that. It just
didn't seem possible. They were grainivorous. Then I remembered the much 
smaller chickens.

One eventful day .. [I was 10, my 2 brothers were 8 and 6 at the time] .. The 
turkeys would 
attack the fence whenever we were close enough. Long story short .. my youngest 
brother decided
it might be fun to open the wire cage door thinking he could close it in time. 
He did. But the
force of the turkeys jumping up and kicking the fence before he was able to 
latch it .. threw
the gate open.

We ran some 150' across the yard to the farm house with 60 large birds after us 
.. screaming all
the way [we were doing the screaming] .. as they tried to actually pull us 
down. Myself and my 8
year old brother made it to the farm house door. My 6 year old brother didn't. 
He was on top of 
the car. I was sick with fear knowing what the chickens did to those 
salamanders. Now we were facing
turkeys .. much larger .. more powerful. The turkeys surrounded the car .. 
leaping up on all sides.
Some made it onto the trunk which was rounded. They couldn't grab hold but were 
to get him .. to pull him off. A couple grabbed his feet and he nearly was 
dragged off the car. It took 
2 adults to fight these birds off and rescue him.

Now these were just turkeys !!!

Try taking on big carnivorous turkey vultures !!! For this surprise .. look at 
the Hollywood film 
(the making of) Lord of War and watch behind the scenes shooting of actor 
Nicholas Cage as he descibes
an unintended terror that entered one scene [a lone vulture] that attacked the 
movie crew. It was
absolutely feerless. Cage describes it as being attacked by a "JP velociraptor 
on the loose" .. his 
words .. not mine.

Now think of Hitchcock's film "The Birds". Yes reptiles are scary .. but birds 
are downright terrifying.