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RE: Jurassic Park 4 - new dinosaur, no feathers ,please!

> Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 11:11:03 +1000

> > Komodo dragons are scary. Parrots are not. Crocs are scary. 
> > Ostriches are fluffy (even if they can kick hard). Heck, even 
> > a big salamander is kinda scary. Turkeys, while surprisingly 
> > colorful, well, you get the idea. 
> You clearly haven't met some of the parrots, roosters, ganders, etc that I 
> have. Parrots such as 
> macaws or cockatoos can remove a finger at the joint with relative ease, and 
> what male fowl may 
> lack in damage-causing equipment they more than make up for with sheer 
> aggression and 
> persistence.
> And as for ratites not being very scary - try having a argument with a lone 
> cassowary. A group of 
> cassowary-like dromaeosaurs cooperating to bring you down would be an 
> absolute nightmare, and 
> that's before factoring in the additional clawed forelimbs and teeth.

Experts and some laymen know these facts; most moviegoers might not - or at 
least that perception might weigh in the moviemakers' minds: "do we build a new 
movie with what has come before, or do we spend money on enough scenes to 
convince the viewers that, yes, these are scarybadkilling feathered dinosaurs?"

I fear the intro in JP1, with the kid facing off with Alan Grant and the raptor 
claw, may be as close as we get to the desired outcome.

> Feathered dromosaurs would also be scarier due to the 'uncanny valley' 
> effect. They'd be bird-like 
> enough to seem almost familiar, but with just enough differences to be 
> unsettling.

 Though, given how much foliage and shadows obscured the raptors in much of 
JP1  (the only one i can recall much of offhand), would most moviegoers notice 
the uncanny valley?