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> Reptiles rarely move until you're too damn close to them.
> Birds are different. They will
> track you down and they've got the stamina to pull you down.
> Climbing trees doesn't help.
> My 6 year old brother ... was on top of the car. 

I do hope your brother is okay after the 'turkey attack'. 

Yes, crocs rarely move until they burst from the river, grab 
onto your arm or your head, and drag you in. Komodo dragons 
sit and wait until they can ambush something. Perhaps raptors 
(dinosaurs) were more like birds in their activity level, 
but it's not necessary in order to be a successful predator. 

I was driven onto a garage once by two big, vicious dogs that 
burst out of the woods and came at me on my bike. One was a 
St. Bernard that roared, like a lion. The other was a German 
Shepherd. They used an effective ambush strategy. It didn't 
succeed because i got lucky (and possibly because they were 
weak from not having eaten lately). I probably couldn't have 
outrun them on the road because it was an upgrade, but there 
was a driveway *right there*, going downhill, with a garage in 
back that just happened to have a large tractor tire leaning 
against it. It took me about 2 seconds to get up there. After 
that, birds just don't strike me as very scary (not that they 
ever did). 

I would love to see feathered dinosaurs in JP4, as long as 
they're done realistically. I just don't think it will happen 
because the producers know they risk ending up with something 
that looks silly rather than scary, although the phorusrhacid 
in Mysterious Island was pretty scary. 

Paul P.

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