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Re: Theropod swim trackway from China (free pdf)

From: Ben Creisler

I had problems saving the pdf in the correct format. I downloaded the
file then added .pdf as an extension at the end of the string, using
the "rename" option. This converted it into a regular pdf that would
open. Hope this works for others who have the same problem.

The new paper about a swimming theropod. The pdf is free (Open Access).

LiDa Xing, Martin G. Lockley, JianPing Zhang, Andrew R. C. Milner,
Hendrik Klein, DaQing Li, W. Scott Persons IV & JieFang Ebi (2013)
A new Early Cretaceous dinosaur track assemblage and the first
definite non-avian theropod swim trackway from China.
Chinese Science Bulletin (advance online publication)
DOI: 10.1007/s11434-013-5802-6

The trackway of a swimming theropod (ichnogenus Characichnos) is
reported from the Lower Cretaceous Feitianshan Formation of Sichuan,
China. These swim tracks help confirm that non-avian theropods were
capable of forging moderately deep bodies of water. The trackway
occurs on the same surface as a typical walking trackway of a sauropod
(ichnogenus Brontopodus). Both occurrences are the first reported from
the Cretaceous of Sichuan, and the swim tracks are the first
well-preserved example of a Characichnos trackway from China.
Additionally, a theropod walking trackway and several ornithopod
walking trackways (similar to the ichnogenus Caririchnium) occur in
the same horizon. The ornithopod trackways show a parallel
orientation, suggesting gregarious behavior of the trackmakers, which
may have been iguanodontiforms and/or hadrosauriforms. The
co-occurrence of theropod swim tracks and theropod walking tracks
suggests a fluctuation of water depth within a distinct time span.