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A conversation with Larry Martin

In response to Jason Brougham's post at his blog about Martin, I wrote one of 
my own.  While the first part are my criticisms of the silver linings brought 
up by Jason, I do then add a couple reasons of my own I feel Martin was 
valuable to paleontology.  What I think the list will find most interesting 
though is the transcript of an email conversation Martin and I had over several 
days in 2004 about bird origins.  Now that he's passed away I feel comfortable 
posting it, and it's unique as far as I know as an example of a conversation 
between BADist and BANDit.  As I say in my post, as much as I criticized Martin 
on this list, I don't know many other scientists who would take the time to 
such a long and detailed exchange with an unknown undergraduate amateur.


Mickey Mortimer