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Re: A conversation with Larry Martin

I can't comment over there, so...

As I say in my post, as much as  I criticized Martin on this list, I
> don't know many other scientists who would take the time to write
> such a long and detailed exchange with an unknown undergraduate
> amateur.

Sure. But, judging from your blog post, he did quit in the middle of it.

Yes, you were an unknown undergraduate amateur, and Martin was presumably paid to publish peer-reviewed papers with an impact factor, not to reply to you. Time is limited, that's fine. _However_, the questions you brought up are so important (not just "were", but still are!) that I'd have expected him to address them in one of his following papers -- or at the very least conference presentations. To the best of my knowledge, he never did that in nine years, and neither has Feduccia or Lingham-Soliar or anyone else in that camp ever done it. Why aren't... at least the tail fins of aquatic salamanders from the Yixian and Jiufotang Fms preserved as individual frayed collagen fibers that look like feathers? Why?