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Australovenator and Rapator (Theropoda) morphological comparisons

From: Ben Creisler

A new online paper:

Matt A. White, Peter L. Falkingham, Alex G. Cook, Scott A. Hocknull &
David A. Elliott (2013)
Morphological comparisons of metacarpal I for Australovenator
wintonensis and Rapator ornitholestoides: implications for their
taxonomic relationships.
Alcheringa (advance online publication)

Various comparisons of left metacarpal I of the Australovenator
wintonensis holotype have been made with Rapator ornitholestoides.
These specimens were identified as being morphologically more similar
than either was to that of the neovenatorid Megaraptor namunhuaiquii.
Owing to the poor preservation of A. wintonensis and R.
ornitholestoides, distinct morphological separation between the two
appeared minimal. The recent discovery of a near perfectly preserved
right metacarpal I of A. wintonensis enables a direct and accurate
comparison with R. ornitholestoides. Distinct morphological
differences exist between the metacarpals of the two species. A
re-evaluation of the age of the A. wintonensis holotype site (AODL 85
‘Matilda Site’) with zircon dating reveals a maximum age of 95 Ma, 10
Ma younger than the Griman Creek Formation at Lightning Ridge, from
which R. ornitholestoides was recovered. This age difference detracts
from the probability that the specimens belong to the same genus.