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Re: Microraptor also ate fish

First, thanks to Xing for  making this freely available.

For those who got the truncated version and didn't see where it's available:

Thanks Ben, You can download  this paper from: My homepage:
> http://www.xinglida.net
> [...]
> -- Best! yours Lida XING Biological Sciences, University of Alberta,
> Canada

Anyway, there's snippage in the following paragraph:

Take the short spoilage time as  the one piece of non-anatomical
> evidence given.  Is it really shorter than tetrapods?  I had a
> cabezon carcass sitting behind my shed that took much longer to rot
> than any comparably sized opossum.  It ended up just drying with the
> bones articulated and skin stetched over it.  I would think if
> anything, the constant influx of salt and/or maggot-drowning water
> would lead to a longer shelf life for carcasses washed ashore. ch is
> much easier to search than most habitats due to everything being in
> a... well... line and the lack of vegetation.  Thus carcasses on the
> shore could be more likely to be eaten by terrestrial predators than
> those in other environments.