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Re: Microraptor also ate fish

From: Ben Creisler

As this older paper reported, fish remains have been found in the gut
of Confuciusornis as well, a bird that may not seem particularly
suited to a water-oriented lifestyle, much less actively catching

J. Dalsätt, Z. Zhou, F. Zhang & P. G. P. Ericson (2006)
Food remains in Confuciusornis sanctus suggest a fish diet.
Naturwissenschaften 93(9):444-446.
DOI: 10.1007/s00114-006-0125-y

Despite hundreds of excellent fossils of Confuciusornis, the most
abundant group of birds in the Early Cretaceous, 'Jehol Biota' in
China, there is yet no indication of the food choice of these birds.
Here, we describe fish remains preserved in the alimentary system of a
specimen of Confuciusornis sanctus from the Jiufotang Formation. This
find is about five million years younger than all previously published
confuciusornithid birds from the Yixian Formation. Although it is
unknown how common fish was in the diet of Confuciusornis, the find
does not support previous hypotheses that it fed on plants or grain.