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RE: Microraptor also ate fish

> Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2013 12:01:09 -0700

> >>>But I have often wondered why Microraptor remains are so abundant in lake 
> >>>sediments. Of all the behavioral scenarios suggested for Microraptor, and 
> >>>with all the encumbrance it is supposed to face from the leg feathers, the 
> >>>aquatic ones have always seemed the most difficult to envision.<<<

 Could Microraptors have plucked fish from the surface of the water, like 
fishing bats and small shorebirds?  Microraptors' learning curve might've been 
harder, leading to all the fossils.

> If microraptor exploited stranded fish episodically, as in times of periodic 
> drought, the long feathers might have tended to drown them frequently - even 
> though they were useful on a daily basis.

The feathers were splayed out at all times, and couldn't be folded back against 
the limb?  (i always thought that was one of the earlier developments, 
feather-wise; no?)