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Re: Microraptor also ate fish

>The morphology of _Microraptor_ indicates a theropod that targeted a
>wide variety of small prey. IMHO, the reason it had scansorial
>abilities was so it could climb trees to procure small arboreal prey;
>and the reason it had "wings" was so it could return to the ground

Catching an adult bird in a tree, especially a full-on perching bird, which 
likely will be located in the terminal branch environment - that is one heck of 
a feat.

I have seen snakes do it - owls try, and I assume they succeed on occasion, 
having heard crows signal mortal distress late at night.

I have never seen a cat even attempt such, though - barring nest robbing. What 
extant animals are cited as analogs? 

Anyhow, I would expect the wings to be more useful as a sort of safety net in 
the event of a 'swing and a miss', which would likely cause a fall - although 
handy for quick exits, if need be. 

I assume ground level would be the more competive environment if you happened 
to be holding some fresh Confuciornis, and so the return to ground would likely 
occur after a good meal - but who knows?