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Sapeornis, new juvenile specimen China

From: Ben Creisler

A new paper:

Hanyong Pu, Huali Chang, Junchang Lü, Yanhua Wu, Li Xu, Jiming Zhang,
and Songhai Jia (2013)
A New Juvenile Specimen of Sapeornis (Pygostylia: Aves) from the Lower
Cretaceous of Northeast China and Allometric Scaling of this Basal
Paleontological Research 17(1):27-38
doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.2517/1342-8144-17.1.27

The discovery of an extremely well preserved new juvenile specimen of
Sapeornis provides more anatomical information about this basal avian,
and documents the first avian specimen from the Jehol Biota with
detailed foot-pad integument preserved. This is the first Sapeornis
specimen with a well preserved carpal X, astragalus and calcaneum.
Seven major skeletal components from five well preserved juvenile and
adult skeletons of Sapeornis were measured. The allometric differences
associated with growth are shown to be distinct; all linear
regressions resulted in high correlation coefficients consistent with
a single growth series. The number of sacral vertebrae and free caudal
vertebrae vary during ontogeny, and this may indicate that all the
specimens can be assigned to a single species: Sapeornis