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RE: Complaining

> Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2013 16:16:15 -0400

> The third NOVA program on Australia. Hadrosaurs galloping on their slender 
> forelimbs. No way, they trotted or paced using the arms to add some speed 
> and especially turning agility.

 how do you propose they use their arms to add speed, if you are arguing that 
they didn't put their weight on their arms?

> galloped like flexible backed quad mammals. Stegosaurs trotting when at 
> most they ambled like elephants.

Elephants can move pretty fast.

> The sauropods were walking with absurdly 
> flexed elbows. The sauropod skin was all wrong. Sort of like crocodilians. 
> Why? 
> We have samples of sauropod skin.

 Skin from the same Genera or Family of sauropod?  Its possible that sauropod 
skin was as diverse as, say the skin of mammals, yes?

> feet long. And since sauropods were probably omnivores that picked up small 
> animals for the calcium, proteins etc,

 I'm familiar with the idea that sauropods probably accidentally ate insects 
and tiny mammals with its leaves - but doesn't 'omnivore' suggest a sauropod 
pursuing a mammal and eating it?   ('pursuit' in the sense of seeing it, 
swinging its neck over, and biting down on the furry clamberer)

> Most irritating is that 
> the skin is again wrong. What is it about skin? Even major paleoartists are 
> still getting it wrong in many cases. Why? 

To paraphrase Londo Mollari, "To be sure you have been paying attention."