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Re: Complaining

On 04/29/2013 04:16 PM, GSP1954@aol.com wrote:
Is it really too much to ask the people doing digital dinosaur animation to
at least try to get things close to right?

The third NOVA program on Australia. Hadrosaurs galloping on their slender
forelimbs. No way, they trotted or paced using the arms to add some speed
and especially turning agility. (Some of the footage may have been picked up
from an earlier program.) Galloping Triceratops. Even assuming it was as fast
as rhinos the trot/gallop transition speed at that mass is so high that it
would probably have trotted or paced, even if smaller ceratopsians galloped
at that speed. And stiff backed running quadrupedal dinosaurs may never have
galloped like flexible backed quad mammals. Stegosaurs trotting when at
most they ambled like elephants. The sauropods were walking with absurdly
flexed elbows. The sauropod skin was all wrong. Sort of like crocodilians. Why?
We have samples of sauropod skin. All these decades of publishing on this
stuff and often its like we are still in the early 70s.

Yeah - I saw that. That wasn't even the worse of the inaccuracies of that series. It was just a god aweful Nova series. I also hate when you have to sit through the first 20 minutes to hear the same hype over and over until finally a single point is made. Sometimes I think they are making these science shows for the handicapped.