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Re: Complaining

A good while back I was appalled that during an SVP talk computer 
simulation was used to show a sauropod skeleton walking with flexed arms. Told 
researcher off as I recall. It was an example of why I am often skeptical of 
computer simulations, their seeming authority can mislead folks. Don't think 
the study ever made it into the technical literature, maybe someone wised 
up. As I have shown, the distal condyles of the humerus were much more 
distally directed than in flex armed ceratopsids, so sauropod elbows were 
in the manner of elephants rather than flexed ungulates. Since no one in the 
technical literature restores sauropods with flexed elbows animators should 
never do it, and those do so should be shot. OK that's too drastic. 


In a message dated 4/29/13 11:29:37 PM, ddkrentz@charter.net writes:

<< > The sauropods were walking with absurdly 

> flexed elbows.

 When ever I talk to animators about what NOT to do…THIS is near the top of 
my list.  Makes me crazy. >>