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FW: Microraptor also ate fish

>>And, Dr. Wiliams, you must completely discredit the finding that Suminia
>>could climb into trees, because it does not have the exact same
>>adaptations of other animals that climb in trees, and therefore any
>>comparison is meaningless. Is that correct?
>Fröbisch, J. and Reisz, R. R. 2011. Postcranial anatomy of the basal
>therapsid Suminia getmanovi (Synapsida, Anomodontia), the oldest arboreal
>tetrapod. - Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 162: 661-698.
>And, as a thought experiment, if one day we found evidence that the last
>common ancestor of enantiornithines and ornithurines lacked a reversed
>hallux, what would we conclude? If  enantiornithines developed the
>reversed hallux convergently with ornithurines, then they do not have the
>SAME EXACT adaptation either, it is an analog. In the former it is an
>adaptation of a tarsometatarsus that forms in a completely different, some
>say opposite, way from the latter. Therefore they could not be said with
>any confidence to perch, and citing perching ornithurines would have no
>relevance at all, correct?