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Eating dinosaurs and other questions

Posted for Brian Hathaway.


As an amateur, some of these questions may seem silly to you professionals
but I have a random curiosity sometimes.

 1) Do you think human beings could eat non-avian dinosaur meat - like a
hadrosaur - if they were alive today (ha) and we could somehow feed them
today's plant life? Would there be any reason to think that they might
been poisonous to our systems, or we couldn't break down their proteins,
etc.? I don't know if the comparison to chicken, turkey, etc., is valid in
this question or not. Recently I tried BBQ'd alligator and found it very
tasty! Sci-fi aside, conquering the practical issues of feeding, ranching
safely, the economic cost vs. profit etc., a herd of hadrosaurs or
ceratopsians would seem to present an awful lot of meat for the 'rancher.'

 2) Did Tim Haines sort of 'chickened out' when the T.Rex ate the
Didelphodon, obscured by the nest, in that episode of WWD? I think they
have been worried that showing a cute, fluffy mammal being eaten alive -
blood or not - might have disturbed some of their younger viewers. Pity.

 3) Is there any paleontology book currently out - regardless of language
that is based on the subject of dromaeosaurs? Or one with perhaps another
subject or two, but a large section based on them? Perhaps a very broad
paper that discusses the various species?