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RE: A tough question...or is it?

What or who got you started into studying Dinosaurs?

For me it was the book "The How and Why Wonder Book of Dinosaurs" by Darlene Geis published 1960. I got this book of my 5th birthday, while stationed with my dad on the naval/air force base on Midway Island, back in 1967. If anyone has ever lived or visited Midway, which is now a bird santuary maintained by the National Parks Department, you will find the island swarming with "Goony-birds" [Layson and Black Albatross]. And to a 5 year old, these birds were enormous in size and were easily equated to Dinosaurs in my mind. In fact I tried to convince my Kindergarten teacher that birds [the big ones] were Dinosaurs.

John Schneiderman