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Re: Deinonychus skeletal model

Thanks very much!

You know, when I looked at these photos I wondered the same thing about
the coracoids.

Dromaeosaur coracoids do not overlap like in many modern birds, nor touch
in the midline. But the size of the gap is not something I am certain of,
especially in Deinonychus, for which no sternum is known, as far as I am

In Velociraptor we see a pretty wide range of gap sizes, and the
coracoidal sulci are set pretty far apart and at, like, 40 degrees to one
another, on TMP 92.36.333, as figured in Feathered Dragons.

What's your opinion of their distance in Deinonychus?

Jason Brougham
Senior Principal Preparator
American Museum of Natural History
(212) 496 3544

On 8/7/13 5:47 AM, "David Marjanovic" <david.marjanovic@gmx.at> wrote:

>Deeply impressive, better than all museum mounts I know of.
>I wonder if the coracoids should be closer together, and why the legs are
>rotated outward.