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Re: Paleozoic tetrapod papers

> NOTE: Although "ops" by itself is a feminine noun in Greek, the
> correct gender for compound generic names that end in -ops is
> masculine under ICZN rules ( I have contacted one of the
> authors about correcting the species name "neglecta" to neglectus.

It would be nice if they published a correction, but it's not strictly speaking 
necessary. Art. 31.2 reads: "_Agreement in gender._ A species-group name, if it 
is or ends in a Latin or latinized adjective or participle in the nominative 
singular, must agree in gender with the generic name with which it is at any 
time combined." That sounds like *Scapanops neglectus* Schoch & Sues, 2013, is 
_already_ correct and official.

> It represents a small
> dissorophid with derived characters combining to give a unique skull
> configuration: extremely short skull table, jaw joint situated well
> anterior to occiput, large orbits with wide interorbital distance,

All of these are size-related and/or possibly paedomorphic.

> and a preorbital region more than twice as long as the postorbital region.

This one is not.

> Eucacopinae

Bad move.

> These bones [...] may be attributable to Doragnathus woodi.

That would be awesome; *D.* is currently known only from lower jaws and 
fragments of upper ones, and not really similar to anything else except maybe 
its fellow isolated lower jaw *Sigournea*...