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Machimosaurus (Thalattosuchia) remains from Germany

From: Ben Creisler

A recent paper that has not been mentioned yet (my bad I guess):

Jeremy E. Martin & Peggy Vincent (2013)
New remains of Machimosaurus hugii von Meyer, 1837 (Crocodilia,
Thalattosuchia) from the Kimmeridgian of Germany.
Fossil Record 16(2): 179–196
DOI: 10.1002/mmng.201300009

The fourth complete skull of the marine crocodilian Machimosaurus von
Meyer, 1837 is hereby described together with an associated complete
mandible and disarticulated postcranial elements from the Kimmeridgian
of Neuffen, Germany. Although the genus has been described fairly
recently on the basis of two nearly complete skulls, their state of
preservation did not allow a thorough examination of the entire skull
anatomy. Here, we add new information with the description of nicely
preserved cranial and mandibular elements of a single individual
attributable to Machimosaurus hugii von Meyer, 1837. The diagnosis is
updated for the genus and for the species M. hugii and challenges the
validity of the second species M. mosae (Liénard, 1876). Moreover,
previous assumption that Steneosaurus obtusidens Andrews, 1913 is a
junior synonym of Machimosaurus hugii is not supported by our
observations. Notably, M. hugii differs from S. obtusidens by a lower
tooth count, the morphology of the dentition, the shape of the
supratemporal fenestrae and the absence of an antorbital fenestra.
Comparative anatomy and a phylogenetic analysis show that
Machimosaurus is more closely related to the genus Steneosaurus than
to Teleosaurus cadomensis (Lamouroux, 1820).