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Juvenile hadrosaur scavenged by Squalicorax shark and other news stories

From: Ben Creisler

A number of recent news stories that may be of interest:

Juvenile hadrosaur scavenged by Squalicorax shark

Some recent news stories refer to an article in the journal Palaios,
but so far I have not found the citation. Reports of a hadrosaur
metatarsal with embedded shark teeth have been mentioned for a few
years so maybe a formal paper (by David Schwimmer?) will be out in the
near future.


Google Books previews a photo in Michael Benton's book Vertebrate Palaeontology:



Another example of sharks scavenging dinosaurs



Experiments to determine how ancient oxygen levels affected life and climate



Permian "branchiosaur" amphibian fossils found in Germany (in German)

The article discusses the discovery of more than 100 fossils of
"branchiosaurs" in 290-million-year old deposits. The text mentions
that four different types of amphibians are present, in particular
larvae of a temnospondyl (Sclerocephalus) and an anthracosaur
(Discosauriscus). Since Branchiosauridae are in fact a distinct group
of temnospondyls, it's not totally clear to me if the article is using
the term "Branchiosaurier" to refer to members of the Branchiosauridae
or to larval and larval-like amphibians in general.