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Dinosaur events in UK for month of September

From: Ben Creisler

I am forwarding this to the DML for Gareth Dyke (gareth.dyke@soton.ac.uk):


Notice of 2 exciting September dinosaur events – that all are welcome to attend:

Come along and be part of a giant dinosaur shape made up of people and
to be filmed from the air:
Sunday Sept 1st, Appley Beach Isle of Wight (from 2PM)


Join in with our Sept 20/21st Isle of Wight dinosaur conference
(Celebration of Dinosaur Island):
PDF (cut-and-paste into browser) at:


Booking site at:


All are welcome. No fee is required if you want to attend the dinosaur
talks at the NOC (lecture theatre) on the 20th (email appreciated so
we can keep track of numbers), but if you want to come for a day-trip
to the Isle of Wight on Saturday 21st (includes all transport, 2
buffet receptions and 2 fossil walks) then registration is required.


Dr Gareth Dyke
Ocean and Earth Science
National Oceanography Centre, Southampton
University of Southampton
Southampton SO14 3ZH UK

+44 2380 593110

MSc in Vertebrate Palaeontology: